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Many of our information security conferences are conducted by Steve Waterhouse in order to train and raise awareness.
Keep an eye on our calendar for our upcoming conferences!


We guide you through learning technical fields such as computer networks, network security, wireless networks, and information protection.
Our training programs are mainly taught by Steve Waterhouse, certified in Cisco, CompTIA, ISC2, and CWNP.

Professional services

INFOSECSW guides you through the undertaking of your computer projects when installing new equipment, upgrading, or training new personnel.
We evaluate the coverage of wireless networks, the positioning of your networks, and their operational effectiveness.

Event Analysis

Steve Waterhouse leverages his vast experience in the analysis and explanation of complex and often cryptic news.
Many media interventions take place on the radio (COGECO Media, 102,1 BLVD, RadioX 98,1, RougeFM) and television (TVA Nouvelles, LCN, Dumont, Salut Bonjour, Québec Matin, CBC, CTV)


Event analysis

Of computer-related or cryptic subjects, in real time or during long-term development.



Training and awareness for computer security.


Learning security, networks, and computer protection.

Professional services

Evaluating the coverage, positioning, and operational effectiveness of your networks.

Steve Waterhouse

Certified Cisco, CompTIA, and CWNP trainer

Ever since I was young, I was always interested in understanding, dissecting, and assimilating technology. Today, after learning “in the streets” and, most of all, through experience earned through my military service, I am sharing my knowledge and experience by teaching new technologies at conferences.

Whether in networking, wireless technologies, or information protection, I bring an uncommon appreciation combined with a comprehensive approach in order to get to the bottom of things. Looking forward to sharing my passion with you!

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